Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday Feb 15, 2010

Today's "What's Cookin' on Wine" Show live from Ruth's Chris Steak House

Barbara Drady - CEO - "Affairs of the Vine"  
A supple and sexy wine, Pinot Noir, at its best, is a luxuriously exquisite and elegant wine. Pinot Noir is the ultimate red wine for pairing with food. The celebrated red wines of the French district of Burgundy are Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir lovers are seldom at a loss for adjectives to describe the flavors and aromas captured in this hauntingly intoxicating wine. Flavors and aromas run the full spectrum of fruit including black cherry, raspberry, cranberry, fresh
Chehalem Wines: Pinot Noirstrawberry, Bing cherry, and blueberry. Often found in the nose of finer offerings are rose petal, cinnamon, vanilla, anise, black pepper, lavender, mushroom, forest floor, and an array of assorted spices.The aromas and flavors are only the beginning…the mouth feel of good Pinot Noir is often rich and silky if not outright velvety.When drinking Pinot Noir, look for elegance. Enjoy the bouquet. The balance and the layers of flavor will envelop you. Let this sexy wine entice your senses! Let the wine caress your tongue! Experience Pinot Noir and you will be seduced! There are many other wonderful wine varietals but we can't think of any other wine type which captures so many flavors, aromas, and sensations as Pinot Noir. Part of the enormous growth in the popularity of Pinot Noir can be attributed to its remarkable versatility in being paired with food. Pinot Noir can be paired with fish, lamb, poultry, and some game  On Saturday, February 27, 2010 consumers, press and trade will gather for the remarkable 8th Annual Passionate about Pinot Noir Summit at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center in San Rafael, California. An extraordinary array of palates will gather to assess "the best of the best," from the 8th Annual Pinot Noir Shootout.
Tim Campbell, Managing Director // Co-Founder CellarPass Introducing CellarPass™ - the Next Generation Reservation Tool - In order to determine the requirements for the next generation wine tasting and tour reservation system, we first started with our own client base - both those who are using the existing reservation system and those that are not. This process included small to large wineries. We then included companies outside the wine industry so that we could determine how the application could be used elsewhere. While documenting these requirements, there was a theme that kept  repeating itself. Consumers want to be able to select their type of tour and have  instant confirmation of the tour's availability as well as make special requests using an online form. When we originally created the tools, wineries wanted to create an immediate connection with the consumer by accepting reservation requests online, but would then have to follow up with a phone call -- something that is labor intensive and sometimes difficult to keep up with the demand.  So over the course of the past 6 months, the Submerce development team focused on developing the next generation of reservation tools that not only answers these requests, but takes it to a whole new level. With no expense spared or corner cut, the reservation system was written completely from scratch using the latest web-based technologies available, a commitment that has been a core of the company's philosophy. With the lessons learned from their industry-leading eBusiness application, the CellarPass system provides the tools to create and manage events and reservations for wine tasting and tours that instantly communicates with consumers regarding confirmations. The system doesn't stop there, it helps create a winery affinity by offering automated post-visit follow-up emails to gather feedback on their guests' tours, tastings and overall experiences. These moderated consumer reviews will then provide future visitors with the ability to select tours and tastings that might fit their personality and expectations with help of their fellow winery fans. Again, the idea is to create a closer bond with the consumer from the very first visit to and make each subsequent visit (both online and in person) even better and easier.