Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28 Jennifer Horn Talks with Mike Sinor from Sinor LaVallee & Michael Brughelli from Volk Wines

Mike Sinor Talks to Us About Sinor LaVallee Winery in California's Central Coast!

Mike is on the Board of Directors for the World of Pinot Noir and serves as the President of the San Luis Obispo's Vintners Association!

The Story of Sinor LaVallee: Pinot Noir has been at the heart of Mike Sinor and Cheri LaValee-Sinor's winemaking lives for more than a decade on California’s Central Coast. Their mission is simple—grow the finest possible grapes at superior local vineyards and put their soul into each barrel. Each of their Pinot Noirs is designed to be different from the other, distinct in sourcing and style yet united by their personal imprint, like songs on an album.

Their journey began 15 years ago, when they met at college in San Luis Obispo and started working at local wineries. The wine bug bit them hard, and the Pinot Noir bug bit them even harder. They were young and a little crazy. The Central Coast still had to prove itself, and so did they. Game on.

They kept at it, grinding out one harvest after another, consuming the craft of winemaking, and studying the art of Pinot Noir. They got married in Burgundy. They had two beautiful children. Experience led to opportunity, and opportunity led to more experience, and both led to fanaticism. And from fanaticism their little winery was born.

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