Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27-Michael Horn talks to Alison Doran & Douglas Kruse

Alison Doran - Winemaker, Hill Family Estate Winery
Ryan Hill always stated that if you want to dream in color, drink wine. This dream soon became a reality for Hill Family Estate when winemaker Alison Doran joined the team and made the inaugural 2001 vintage. Alison was introduced to Doug while he was growing grapes and she was making wine for Lewis Cellars. Doug loved Alison’s style, personality and determination to produce the finest wines possible.

Alison developed this skill while being mentored by renowned wine expert Andre Tchelistcheff, completing a degree in winemaking from UC Davis and spending time in the legendary winery-filled region of Alsace, France. Today, Doug and Alison work closely together selecting the highest quality grapes and producing ultra premium wines.

"I find that women are not out to place an ego signature on their wines and create the biggest and most intense point scoring, fruit-bomb monster that is possible. There is generally a less intensive use of wood and the tannins are supple and softer. Many women are more aware of "Terroir" of the vineyard and do not abuse it in the winemaking process. There is an understated elegance in the bottle. The wines they touch sing of their own accord." 

Douglas Kruse - Jack Creek Cellars
In 1997 we began the pursuit of a dream; it started with 75 acres on Jack Creek Road in Templeton, CA. Before the first vine was planted we made our commitment to farm the finest fruit possible, even if it meant a longer period of time before the vineyard became financially viable. The first priority with the fruit produced from our vineyard has always been excellence, believing strongly that without remarkable fruit you cannot make a world-class wine.

After coming to the Central Coast for many years and falling in love with the area, our search began. We were starting our family and happened to be at a point in time when we could make a move and start a new adventure. Following many weeks of searching for the right piece of land we were blessed to be led to the JRK Ranch. Upon meeting and immediately loving the owner, we bought the front 75 acres of JRK Ranch and started planting our vines. Now known as Kruse Vineyards and Jack Creek Cellars, the two pieces of the JRK have been brought back together by our family, and we are blessed to enjoy one of the truly most magical places on the Central Coast.
Along the way our family has grown and we are now living what was once just a dream: a family filled with love and working together to create exceptional wines for you. It is truly a labor of love and passion which shows through from our practices in the fields, to the production in the winery, and finally our dedication in every bottle.
We believe strongly in family and friendship and while we work very hard to bring you the best wine we can, we also work very hard to enjoy this life and share in laughter and camaraderie with our children, family, and our friends; all of whom are the most amazing people in the world.
“We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.”
Doug and Sabrina Kruse

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