Monday, April 8, 2013

4/8-Michael Horn and Nicole Nielsen visit with Guinevere Aide & Ari Heavner

Raw Chef Guinevere Aide
I'm an old soul with a young heart, I'm a friend to the friendly, I have edge, I can be sarcastic, sexy, a pain in your arse. With the good comes some bad. I'll be the first to say i'm not perfect. But I try... And god knows I try a lot harder these days. Shy? I am NOT!! Understanding? I try to be. If I do something I'll regret in the morning, let me sleep in. Im young,trying.laughing.crying,and im sure as hell STILL BREATHING. So, more about myself? I was born in (Who really cares?). Oh yes I love adventure. I love people and the boundless potential for surprise they hold. I love my friends. I love to travel, I like to cook and I love the food network. I love writing short stories and horribly bad romantic poetry that I often delete straight away because it's so embarrassing. It's difficult to distill the broader scope of one's life into a single paragraph- I'd suggest you simply get to know me by TALKING to me. I don"t bite...

Ari - Idle Cellars
Idle Cellars is a micro-winery located in Sonoma County, California. We, Ari Heavner, Ben Larks and Eric Henson believe in the artistic craft of wine making, and work hands-on from grape selection to bottling. The three of us, an entrepreneur, an artist and a wine aficionado, met while working at Deerfield Ranch Winery under the tutelage of master winemaker Robert Rex. We studied and strive for the perfection of an elegantly balanced wine; equal parts technical mastery and art. It was Robert who taught us that the essence of winemaking is "getting to know your grapes" and to be with your wine literally from the vine to the bottle. We've taken this knowledge and our deep understanding of our agricultural surroundings to choose the best varietals and processes for each wine. With Idle Cellars we seek to provide the best of Sonoma and of wine craftsmanship. We hope our wines bring people together, be it at a lively dinner party or a lazy BBQ and give all who drink it the same joy we had making it.

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