Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9-Michael Horn and Nicole Nielsen talk with Guinevere Aide & Wes Hagen

Raw Chef Guinevere Aide
Guinevere Aide is a graduate of Matthew Kenney Culinary;
Level?s I, II & III. Previously a student of Bangkok?s;
Blue Elephant Culinary, The Kitchen in the Castle Cookery
of Dublin, Ireland and various courses throughout CA that
include such lessons with Chef Jill Silverman; food and
wine author of ?Skinny Bitch in the Kitch?; A New York
Times best seller. Prior to her career change, she worked
for nearly 9 years as a Real Estate Portfolio Officer. Her
years in Business and Hospitality management, love of
culinary arts and health issues pushed her to walk away
from it all in her pursuit of passions and better health.
 Outside of the academy you will most often find her outdoors, or hosting her rather unusual take of private dinner parties; including but not limited to silent films, live Jazz and a selection of renowned Wine.

Wes Hagen  -  Winemaker, Clos Pepe Vineyards
Clos Pepe Vineyard was purchased by Steve and Cathy Pepe in 1994 as a horse ranch, and established the 9th vineyard in
what would become the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. Specializing in
cool-climate, small production, craft-based Pinot Noir and
Chardonnay, Clos Pepe is now recognized as a leader in
local and national wine culture, wine education and
providing fruit to some of the best winemakers in

The Italians say, ?Il vino e' la Poesia della Terra.? Wine is the poetry of the earth. There is nothing that can obfuscate Pinot Noir?s ability to speak of a time and
place. Of every plant on earth, Pinot Noir is unique in its ability to show every angle of a vintage, every silt particle in the soil, and every drop of morning dew that wet its leaves. Tea, coffee, white truffles? these can tell a story and confound us with their deliciousness, but the
uncontested Queen of Natural Complexity must be Pinot Noir. We anticipate each vintage with a proper mix of anxiety and hope, knowing Mother Nature and the Sta. Rita Hills have a
plan that will allow time and effort to fill a glass.

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