Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3/31-Michael Horn & Nicole Nielsen talk with Kerith Overstreet

Kerith Overstreet - Owner & Winemaker, Bruliam Wines
Wine with a Conscience, Wine with Heart, Wine with Character. At Bruliam Wines our passion for wine and family imbues everything we do. Every bottle is a tribute to our life long crazy love affair with wine and each other. We think that wine is elemental- elemental to a day well savored and a life well lived. Founded in 2008, Bruliam Wines is a boutique producer of ultra-premium, single vineyard wines. Bruliam sources fruit from California’s finest vineyards, selecting only low-yield, hand harvested, and hand sorted grapes that fully express the terroir of each unique growing region. While we are always grateful for critical acclaim and commercial success, Bruliam Wines is at its core, a pursuit of passion. We know we’re lucky to realize our dream and founded Bruliam with the mandate to donate 100% of our profits to charitable causes. Since our inception, Bruliam has donated to over 45 different national and local charities. More importantly, we didn’t select those recipients ourselves. Each organization was selected by our most ardent fans and supporters, affectionately dubbed “The Bruliam Brigade.”
About: Kerith Overstreet is a triple threat: Bruliam Wines co-founder, medical doctor, and mom to three young kids. After retiring from general surgery (to pursue pathology) and then medicine (to have babies), she taught herself to recite Goodnight Moon in 27 different languages. Knowing she couldn’t very well sit around quaffing wine all day without due cause, she jumped headfirst into winemaking. Her final baby, Bruliam Wines was established in 2008. Since then, Kerith has completed her enology courses at UC Davis and has crafted all of Bruliam’s wines since our launch. Kerith is often asked to speak at industry events about her unique background and her expertise in the art and science of winemaking. Sometimes there is even an audience.

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